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Rajasthan Ajmer South Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2018

Short constituencies Report of Ajmer North South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018.

Ajmer North – Ajmer South are two assembly constituencies from eight of Ajmer Lok Sabha Constituencies. The Ajmer North Vidhan Sabha number is 100 and any General candidate elect from this seat.

The Ajmer South assembly is reserved for SC candidate and the constituency number is 101.

Ajmer North South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 : History Of Ajmer North And Ajmer South Constituencies

The elections for the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha have been held since 1952. First, Rajasthan elections have been held for 160 constituencies.

But these constituencies come into existence in 1957. When Rajasthani had to elect 176 representatives for the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election.
Ajmer South Vs Ajmer City East – In 1957 the first election, Ajmer South constituency was known as Ajmer City East and had a general constituency.

But in 1977, the fifth assembly election of Ajmer City East happened with the big change of candidates and constituency number and incumbency Party too. In 1977 Ajmer City East seat was reserved for SC candidates only.
The first M.L.A. was Mahendra Singh. He was Independent candidate and the runner was Balkrishan Kaul from INC. In 1977, the election won by Kalyan Singh candidate of JNP and the runner was Ram Babu Shubhram from the INC.

In 2008, the name of Ajmer City East constituency change with Ajmer South.

The current M.L.A. is Anita Bhadel from BJP was winning from three terms. From 1957 to 2013 there are total 13 times Vidhan Sabha election was held. Bhartiya Janta Party wins this seat maximum times.
Ajmer North Vs Ajmer City west – In the second election when the Ajmer North had come in existence with the name Ajmer City West then constituency no. was 86. In 1977. It got 96 number when Naval Rai won the constituency from JNP’s ticket.

The runner was Kisan Motwani from INC. In 2008 the constituency name change. Since it known as Ajmer North Vidhan Sabha seat and got constituency number 100.


The first representative of Ajmer North was Arjan Das Independent candidate when the runner was Pohu Mal from INC.

The current M.L.A. is Vasudev Devnani from BJP. Vasudev Devnani was winning assembly election from three times.

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Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election Result Live

Major Political Parties Pick Candidates For The Ajmer North South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Ajmer North have total numbers of 1,08,569 voter according to Facts. Ajmer north has more than 50 polling booth stations. Vashu Devnani remained candidate from same party BJP. 1,01,431 Male voters and 92,926 are female voters will vote for Ajmer South (SC).

Ajmer South is reserve seats for SC candidate only. Might, BJP remain fight this election with the same candidate Anita Bhadel.

The BJP is concerning for the Middle-class family’s foods. However, Rahul’s party thinks, moreover about empowerment of youth this time.

Ajmer North South Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2013.

In 2013, Ajmer North won by Vashu Devnani with 68,641 votes. The other main contestant in the election was Dr. Gopal Baheti got 47,982 votes. The third, fourth, fifth leading contestants were from Independent candidates.

The Ajmer South constituency won by the BJp candidate’s Anita Bhadel with70509 votes. And the main opponents got 47,351 votes. The third, fourth, fifth leading contestants were from BSP, NPEP and Independent candidate.

Prediction for the Ajmer North South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Both constituencies Ajmer North South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 getting many changes, at particular times. Ajmer North South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 constituencies have been also filled with INC’s candidate.

However, independents candidates have also seated there. And BJP also got both seats 5 times. So, here’s look chance for the BJP once again to win both seats. As BJP winning Ajmer South and Ajmer North from three turns.

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