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India has 29 states and they each held their assembly elections in every 5 years. These assembly elections are all about to choose members, who will be the MLA’s. The State Assembly election are the elections, where the Indian voters select the members of Vidhan Sabha.

As per the assembly election latest news, assembly election dates are approx set for 4 states of India for the 2018 year. The polls are for – Mizoram, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The expected dates are October-November 2018, and for rest three states are Dec, 18-Jan, 18. The counting for the elections will take place instantly after the assembly elections i.e. around year end. Therefore, the results are very much expected by January 2019. If we talk about the prediction for individual states then, for Mizoram, BJP looks like to take the place. Unlike Mizoram, rest 3 states are seemed to be covered by Congress.

Kolebira (Jharkhand) Vidhan Sabha By Election Live Counting Result 2018

Kolebira is the constituency of newly created State Jharkhand.  Still, constituency’s people have gotten three chances to elect a member of Assembly. The Kolebira’s people elected thrice Ennos Ekka, who is the member from JKP (Jharkhand Party). Now, he jailed in the Murder case. So, the Election commission has declared the date December 20th,2018  for […]