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The MP election is going to take place over 230 seats. The dates for Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election are yet to declare. Current CM Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is going to complete his tenure by this year-end. Therefore, the expected dates for MP election live Counting and results will be around December 2018 or January 2019. BJP party is ruling the state since 2003, where CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan is there since 2005. He won three Vidhan Sabha Elections there (third election in 2013).

The latest news and poll are saying about the MP election that Congress was leading on surveys before May 2018. But at the time when Congress appointed Mr. Kamal Nath as the state chief, the poll and surveys got changed by last 4 months. This is a clear indication that MP Vidhan Sabha election 2018 is going to be in BJP’s side. Thus the current prediction is that MP civilians are preferring him again, as their CM.

MP Vidhan Sabha Election 2018: Will Modi Win

Will Modi’s magic guarantee a victory dance in MP election 2018 ? Oppositions seem more confident and in control with recent incidents that have stirred the mindset of voters in Madhya Pradesh. “United we stand, divided we fall”, seems to be a hopeful mantra for all oppositions during Modi’s reign since 2014. Though a ‘pipe-dream’ […]

MP (Gwalior Patan) Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2018

General Overview of  Gwalior Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 and its Constituency Gwalior district is one of the 51 districts of Madhya Pradesh. The District itself has 6 Vidhan Sabha constituencies. Those are Gwalior Rural, Gwalior, Gwalior East, Gwalior South, Bhitarwar and Dabra.  In Gwalior Vidhan Sabha Election he constituency number for each is from 14 to […]

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