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Karnataka City Municipalities Election 2018 Counting

The state of Karnataka announced the Urban Local Body Election elections 2018 and successfully completed the poll on August 31st . The total number of seats on stake is 208. Congress and Janta Dal Secular (JD) would contest these elections ( i.e. Karnataka City Municipalities Election 2018, Town Panchayat, Town Municipal Council Election etc ) in non-alliance.

Till before, to sanction their confirmed victory, both parties used to contest elections in coalition. In order to keep intact the democratic spirit of the parties, both have decided to contest elections separately. According to KPPC chief Dinesh Kundu Rao, local body elections are entirely different from state elections and it is better to stand alone rather than showcasing political dependence.

Both the parties plan to conduct separate campaigns across the state and check out their popularity on individual basis. Both the parties propose to feel the true spirit of democracy and indulge in free and fair elections.

In the previous local body elections, Congress marked its victory with 1,760 assembly seats. These seats amounted to 39% of the total 4, 976 seats. On the other hand, both BJP and JD secured 18% of the total seats that came to 905 seats each.


In addition to the above, Karnataka Janta Party (KJP) bagged 294 seats in total. BJP had to suffer a setback in these elections as Congress and Janta Dal soon decided to form an alliance.

However, this time many aspiring leaders of both Congress and JD are disappointed. The decision of non-coalition has come as a surprise to them thus challenging their political rootedness.

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Karnataka City Municipalities Election 2018 Result Date , Source

This time, all the political parties are trying their best to secure maximum number of seats. All the parties are observed planning and publicizing their politics. In fact, they are seen gearing up for the Upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019.

This time, Karnataka local body elections 2018 will be held in two phases. The phases are as follows:

First phase (31st August 2018): Elections will be conducted as follows

Number of Karnataka City Municipalities: 29

Number of Karnataka Town Municipal Council: 53

Number of Karnataka Town Panchayat: 23

Total seats going for polls on 29 August 2018: 105

Second phase (for the remaining 103 urban local bodies): Still under construction

Live Counting of votes and declaration of ULB Results will be displayed in the official website of SEC at karsec.gov.in

    Updated: September 6, 2018 — 7:06 am

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