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General Elections in India, Lok Sabha Election In India

The Lok Sabha Elections, also known as General Elections, is a pillar of democracy in India. The Prime Minister of India is elected by General Elections. Election Commission of India is the body responsible for conducting Lok Sabha Election in India, every 5 years.

552 members – that’s the number of MP’s required to constitute Lok Sabha Election in India. From Union Territories, 20 members are selected while from the states a sum of 530 members is selected. The remaining 2 members are selected from Anglo Indian community by President of India.

So the big question is how many constituencies were there when the first ever Lok Sabha Election in India? The answer to the aforesaid question is 489. Also at that time, only 26 states in India were represented.

You will be amazed to know that at that time 2 and 3 seat constituencies were also there however this was discontinued in 1960. In April 1952, first, ever Lok Sabha was formed. 1874, that’s the total number of candidates who contested the first ever Lok Sabha Election in India.

You must be wondering that which party must have won the first-ever Lok Sabha Election in India. Actually, the Indian National Congress did that and that too with 245 seats.

Indian National Congress was able to garner 45% votes out of the total votes cast and Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru as the first Prime Minister of India.


Jawaharlal Nehru was a highly educated and talented person and the first government under his term completed 5 years. That was awesome because the government was a novice, although it consisted of highly talented individuals.

Short Review on 16th Lok Sabha Election 2014

The 16th Lok Sabha was formed after the general elections of the year 2014. All 543 constituencies were assimilated in the process of Lok Sabha Election in India and MPs were elected subsequently.

These elections i.e. the year 2014 were longest in the history of Indian General Elections. The elections spanned from April 7 to May 12 and were conducted in 9 phases. A whopping 814.5 million people were eligible for voting in 2014 General elections.

Election Commission of India had an ardent yet achievable task to let the election process take place smoothly.

100 million new voters were registered compared to a number of voters in the year 2009. You will be amazed to know that 2014 elections were largest in the world.

23.1 million Voters were in the age group of 18 to 19 years, which is something to be considered as this number depicts the youth and first-time voters. This number is also 2.7% of all the voters, so it’s quite big as you can observe.

Many records were broken in 2014 elections. 66.38% – that’s the number of average turnout of voters who participated and made this election a success. This is largest in the history of Lok Sabha Election in India.

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