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MP Churhat Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election Result 2018

A short history of Churhat and  Mauganj Vidhan Sabha Election 2018  

Mauganj Vidhan Sabha seat of Rewa’s district and Churhat Vidhan Sabha are the two constituencies not falls in the pan of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).  Both the seats are an interesting aspect of Madhya Pradesh elections. Always gives interesting and different results in the elections.

Mauganj Vidhan Sabha Election: Congress Loses, But BJP Couldn’t Catch This Seat

Mauganj constituency is a part of Rewa district, where Congress has lost many time, but BJP didn’t stand too. M.L.A Jagdish Tiwari is merely a candidate form Bhartiya Janta Party BJP, who won. Mr. Tiwari won in 1985.

After him, BJP didn’t get any winner of this seat in the team. In 2008, Laxman Tiwari secured the seat from Bhartiya Jan Shakti Party.  Later, Bhartiya Jan Shakti Party merged with BJP. In the Mauganj Vidhan Sabha Election 2013, Laxman Tiwari got BJP’s ticket but lost his seat.


The Congress’s candidate Uday Prakash Mishra won this seat in 1990. After 1990 BSP made this seat as their fort in three elections. 1993,1998 and 2003 election winner was Dr. I.M.P. Verma from BSP. After passing two decades of Congress re-win this seat.

Shukendra Singh was a winner of the Mauganj Vidhan Sabha Election 2013. Shukendra Singh will re-again stand from this constituency in Madhya Pradesh assembly election 2018.

Churhat  Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election: Merely Twice Win BJP Among Many Decades

Chruhat Vidhan Sabha is also a seat which is not usually won by BJP. But, Bhartiya Janta Party merely wins once from 1980 elections. And that win was by chance when Ajay Singh stood in Bhojpur instead of Churhat.

Ajay Singh stood against the C.M. of State Sunder Lal Patwa. That was 1998 when Govind Mishra won from Chruhat Vidhan Sabha was BJP’s candidate. Ajay Singh is the son of Arjun Singh who was C.M. of state in 1980.

Arjun Singh also elected from this seat in 1980 and later 1985. Ajay Singh has elected from many seats and executes typical tasks. He also performed his duty as Governor of Punjab and also elected as Member of Parliament from Stana. He will re-perform from this seat in MP Vidhan Sabha election 2018.

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