Live Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018

The Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018 for Mizoram assembly which was conducted on November 28 and the results for the same would be announced on December 11.

Many national level leaders have promised to bring Mizoram in the mainstream by winning Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018 while campaigning in the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Union Minister Kiran Rijiju visited the state as well. Home Minister Rajnath Singh also visited three constituent weeks.

Diverse Communities and Politics

There are several ethnic communities that will be voting in Mizoram assembly election Results 2018 and the boundaries of this province meet Assam, Tripura, and Manipur.

This means that in the state of Mizo, a large number of voters are from Manipuri, Chakma, Bru, Hamar, Riyang and other ethnic communities.

Pawan Sharma claiming to win Mizoram assembly election Results 2018, in-charge of BJP in the state, says that after Tripura, Mizoram is a very difficult state for BJP because there are many ethnic communities.

Language is a very big obstacle and we are trying to overcome this obstacle by calling our leaders from other states.

The Reigning Battles and Hardships 

Mizoram is holding a keen history of Ups-and-downs in assembly election for years.

With both the major political parties not having a good track till 2013, in 2003, Mizo National Front was holding a major share in the state with 21 Elected members with an aggregate of 32%ile of votes in favor with 132507 total votes in numbers.

In 2013 assembly elections, Congress won 34 seats, Mizo National Front won 5 and others one while the vote percentage was 45% for Congress, 29% for MNF and 26% for others.


In 2008 assembly elections, Congress won 32 seats, Mizo National Front won 3 and others 5 while the vote percentage was 39% for Congress, 31% for MNF and 30% for others.

For Mizoram assembly election Results 2018, it is being expected that BJP will be having a favor this time, as there is an Anti-Incumbency going on in-state against Indian National Congress, but in a survey, it is found that in Mizoram assembly election Results 2018, Indian national Congress can Outperform BJP with a pretty good number.

But all are being hypothetical and based on data, all we can is to wait for Mizoram assembly election Results 2018 till December 11.

Mizoram Election Live Result 2018 

BJP’s Struggle for Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018

Before this election, the BJP is fighting to win in Mizoram because the only state in the North-East where the BJP is not the government of any other party.

The Congress party’s government is facing an anti-incumbency wave in the province, and such an atmosphere is helpful in winning more seats in the Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018 for BJP- provided the regional Mizo National, effective at the regional level, is not strong enough for them.

In order to increase their chances of victory, BJP has announced that in order to play the role of kingmaker in Mizoram, Hemant Biswa Sharma will hold the post of party’s election-in-charge.

Hemant Biswa Sharma had shown the path of power out of power for a long time in Tripura, a few months ago this year. Confirmed by Hemant Biswa Sharma, confidently, “BJP is coming under the rule with the full majority this year.”

For Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018, it is expected that Congress will outperform the BJP this time as well and will be the rule maker in the state.

Updated: December 6, 2018 — 6:24 am

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