Mizoram Lok Sabha Election 2019 Counting Result Live

Mizoram Lok Sabha Election Result Live 2019 – Mizoram Parliamentary constituency is the only constituency of Mizoram State.

Mizo is the name derived from their inhabitants and Ram is known for land. So, the meaning of Mizoram is “land of Mizos”.  Aizawl is the capital of State comprises into a constituency called Mizoram LokSabha.

It comes second on the list of most urbanized state of the Nation. The number of male voters is 311,147 while female bare more in number 318,227.  Utmost or approx. 85% of the population follows Christianity. The seat is solely reserved for SC’s candidate.

Mizoram Parliamentary constituency will fight amid BJP and INC alliance.

The Former State chief minister and Chief of Mizoram’s INC stated. ZPM requested out party with a perspective to pitting a candidate together. The INC-ZPM alliance fielded Lalnghinglova Hmar, the famous footballer of Mizoram.

He’s 41-year-old young energetic footballer of Mizoram and the founder of Mizoram Football Association. However, MNF is part of NDA. But, it didn’t consult while pitting candidate for the seat. That’s why MNF is fighting alone in the constituency with C Lalrosanga.

 BJP has also fielded a candidate ShriNirupamChamka for winning the election. PRISM has made it stand with candidate TBC Lalvenchhunga.


Mizoram Lok Sabha Election Result Live 2019 – Who will grab the seat of Mizoram LokSabha?

It is the big question who will capture the seat of Mizoram LokSabha. From the joint team, 41-year-old Lalnghinglova Hmar has fielded while MNF fielded C Lalrosanga 61-year-old. However, the seat most of the times comes in the INC’s boundary. BJP didn’t have a strong position for winning the seat. However, MNF alone fighting with a retired General of Door Darshan. There is a big chance for winning Joint party. Lalnghinglove has also made a good image in the people of Mizo.

Can MFA’s founder fix the issues of Mizoram Parliamentary seat?

The Mizoram has a literacy rate above 91 percent in the state. But, there has a high rate of unemployment too. This is one of the biggest issues of the constituency.  Utmost peoples of Mizoram depend on the sources of agriculture.

However, due to lack of resources, Mizoram is not capable to get the way of advancements. Frequently, Mizo’s youth have to indulge in an unorganized way of trading. Like trade of betel nuts and more with traders of Myanmar.

Mizoram Lok Sabha Election Result Live 

EC’s scheduled April 11’ 2019 for the poll casting of Mizoram LokSabha seat. However, May 23 is fixed for publishing the Mizoram Lok Sabha Election Result Live 2019  with booth wise.

Updated: April 12, 2019 — 4:36 am

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