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MP Vidhan Sabha Election 2018: Will Modi Win

Will Modi’s magic guarantee a victory dance in MP election 2018 ?

Oppositions seem more confident and in control with recent incidents that have stirred the mindset of voters in Madhya Pradesh. “United we stand, divided we fall”, seems to be a hopeful mantra for all oppositions during Modi’s reign since 2014. Though a ‘pipe-dream’ as many would say but recent decisions on SC/ST act by Central Government and the kind of criticism Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan has faced in his own state, one could hope for a dramatic upset for Modi’s lead BJP in MP elections.  Recent incidents in the state politics have spiced up the MP election 2018. With the advent of SAPAKS party (a party for minority and general rights), the result of political arithmetic in Madhya Pradesh is certainly going to get upset and BJP sure will not be happy with it. With a strong opposition having influential names such as  Jyotiraditya Sindhia and Kanti Lal Bhuria and a new party like SAPAKS lurking around the corner, BJP perhaps has too much on their platter.

Game On: Key players all set to score big in MP Election 2018

Mayavati’s led BSP after rejecting to join Maha-Gathbandhan is planning to contest on all 230 seats which can prove more painful to BJP than Congress. Seats are likely to be divided and the formation of a collation government seems indispensable.  People of Mandsaur still remembers the shootout of June 2017 which took the lives of six innocent farmers and it will be interesting to see how Amit Sah will help them forget this incident by having dinner in Jawara with locals.  All parties will contest for 230 seats of Madhya Pradesh constituency and all are claiming a majority, it would be amusing to see how the final results are going to come up. This election is also seen in context to 2019 Lok Sabha elections and many experts believe that it could be a shocker for BJP.


What people of Madhya Pradesh feels

With a recent stand of Centre Government on SC/ST act the center as well as BJP ruled state government had already faced to much heat from the minority as well as general population. The image of youth showing the black flag and pelting stones on the motorcade of MP Chief Minister is still fresh in our memories. Oppositions are in no mood to let the issue of reservation subside and are well prepared to carve out best opportunities to turn the tide of the election in their favor.

Election Commission Announces dates for MP Election 2018

Election commission announced dates for MP election 2018. There are 65,341 polling stations to facilitate the smooth conduct of elections which is 24.21% greater than the number of polling stations back in 2013-14. The moral code of conduct is effective in Madhya Pradesh w.e.f 06/10/2018. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Mr. O.P. Rawat announced that the counting of votes in Madhya Pradesh will be held on December 11, 2018, in a press conference.

Date of Issue of Gazette Notification02.11.2018 (FRIDAY)
Last Date of Nominations09.11.2018 (FRIDAY)
Date for Scrutiny of Nominations12.11.2018 (MONDAY)
Last Date for Withdrawal of candidatures14.11.2018 (WEDNESDAY)
Date of Poll28.11.2018 (WEDNESDAY)
Date of Counting11.12.2018 (TUESDAY)
Date before which election shall be completed13.12.2018 (THURSDAY)

We predict that no party is getting a clear-cut majority in MP election 2018 and a newly emerged party SAPAKS and BSP is going to be a key player in forming a new government in Madhya Pradesh unless our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi pulls something magical off his sleeves.

    Updated: October 15, 2018 — 11:43 am

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