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Madhya Pradesh Election Opinion Poll Latest Survey 2018

Updates of MP Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018 Survey and Exit Poll Results 2018

Madhya Pradesh Vidhan  Sabha election will conduct within this year. Madhya Pradesh has 230 assembly constituencies in which the Congress Party is projected to bag 117 seats. Just above the majority mark and will rule for the upcoming for the next 5 years.

However, the Modi’s Party BJP has projected to get only 106 seats in the Madhya Pradesh assembly election 2018, while the rest parties merely projected to win the left 7 seats.

In the prior Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha election. The Bhartiya Janta Party had bagged 165 seats and left the Congress far behind the row of assembly. The Congress party bagged 58 seats and the other contestant got 7 left seats from the two major Political parties.

Will Modi’s wave work to lead BJP in MP Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018?

It is far bitter to taste for the current ruling party BJP. This is sunset time of the BJP, afterward opinion poll and projection of Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha election 2018.

There are two major contesting parties in the Madhya Pradesh assembly election 2018 this time. The first party is Congress as prefer by the MP Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018, while BJP comes on the second number of contestant list.

In the prior election, the Congress had supported through 36.4 percent of vote share. However, BJP is ruling with 44.9 percent of Vote shares. The remaining vote share bagged by the other opponents.

But this year According to the survey report, Congress will get conquest with 117 seats. And will rule the next 5 years in Madhya Pradesh. Thus, anti-incumbency seats will fill through the main opposition party BJP with 106 seats.


The survey said incumbent party may reduce the counting of its M.L.A. to106 in the Madhya Pradesh assembly election 2018. However, all the three state assembly elections are touting like a semi-final before the parliamentary election of 2019.

Will Rahul’s party get the victory of semi-final election as prepared?

With the confidence and wish to govern the Madhya Pradesh Rahul Gandhi’s party has prepared for the election.  And started campaigns to get the projected seats in Madhya Pradesh, where anti-incumbency factor will play a huge part.

The Congress party had appointed dexterous leader Kamal Nath as the Congress party head of Madhya Pradesh state Unit for the upcoming election of Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha election 2018. And gave election load and campaign’s load to Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Afterward, the survey of MP Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018. We asked for the Lok Sabha, the respondent revert with 49% for Congress. And solely 34% of Vote Share for the incumbent party BJP in the Lok Sabha election 2019 from Madhya Pradesh.

Will the upcoming three State assembly election 2018 return the identity of Old party Indian National Congress.

This fact cannot forget that the Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election may give the huge round, to attempt the Lok Sabha election to Congress party. MP Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018  shows that the Congress party will re-take its older shape and govern for the next 5 years. But the Modi’s wave can also work in the assembly election. And Shivraj Singh Chouhan may get, as he seeks a fourth consecutive term.

    Updated: September 28, 2018 — 8:20 am

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