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MP Election 2018: MLA’s, Ministers may face failure in getting Party ticket

Can the MP’s ministers will re-front as opponents in the upcoming MP Vidhan Sabha elections 2018?

Time start, to prepare representatives for the upcoming MP Vidhan Sabha elections 2018 to lead to win. MP’s incumbency Minister are worrying more about the ticket, however, they should worry about the election. It’s noted that more than dozen of ministers will not get tickets from BJP this time. Furthermore, this time BJP organization will not meet their age criteria. The BJP party mere wishing to win with the best representation. That’s why Amit Shah’s team has surveyed much time. So, read out the entire article for the reports and info tickets relatively.

CM met and discussed strategy for long hours with the organization’s leader.

Bhartiya Janta party’s office of Madhya Pradesh was full of the crowd with the incumbency CM Shiv Raj Chauhan.  Shiv Raj Chauhan and the organization leaders joined the discussion.  The main member of the meeting were Ministers such as Narendra Singh Tomar. However, the inner organization leaders also discussed the name list of candidates and related facts. BJP organization is preparing a panel of five names for a seat. Reports said BJP will also release the first name list of candidate afterward the Congress’s name list release.


Who will not raise their hand to get Vote for the candidateship?

This remains confidential that who won’t get Party’s ticket for MP Vidhan Sabha elections 2018. But it is notable fact that many of Ministers will have to beg vote for the other member. Some reports say,  75 M.L.A.s and a Dozen ministers will not get tickets this time.  As Amit Shah’s teams survey reports obtain bad performance of the current candidate and M.L.A. So, this is that many of candidates will get tickets from other constituencies and many hands won’t hold the Party Ticket.

There are some Ministers and MLA’s, who may face failure in getting Party ticket for MP Vidhan Sabha elections 2018

  • Surendra Paatwa has won 2 times, might he will get a ticket for another consistency this time.
  • Rustam Singh won in 2003 and become a leader. Then, he failed in 2008 and re-win in 2013. But this time people are unhappy with him.
  • Surya Prakash Meeran is winning from 2 times, but this time he cannot satisfy the citizen.

BJP commander said, “No matter of age will be a hurdle in the coming election of Madhya Pradesh”.

Bhartiya Janta party commander Amit Shah said the organization will distribute the BJP party’s ticket according to the survey’s report.  Amit Shah’s team have surveyed more than two times in assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh.  Survey reports demonstrate, the bad situation of the current M.L.A.’s. Bad reviews and bad performance of candidate can far away from the Party Ticket. This time BJP will not discuss the age criteria. Returning chances of Babu Lal Gaur and Sartaj Singh enhance with this rule.  However, BJP party is targeting to win the MP Vidhan Sabha elections 2018.

Winning MP Vidhan Sabha elections 2018 is a mere matter for the incumbency party.

This is a surprising fact, that the BJP is thinking to give tickets to their Member of Parliament. Nonce, the name of MP’s are. Raav Uday Pratap Singh (M.P. of Hosanghabad), Anoop Mishra (M.P. of Murrena) Manohar Untawaala (M.P. of Dewas), Alok Sanjar (M.P. of Bhopal) and some other too. Some MP relevantly has given in writing to get a ticket for the MP Vidhan Sabha elections 2018.

    Updated: October 6, 2018 — 9:55 am

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