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Why EC Removes Lakh Of Name From MP Voter List

The current Govt. of Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is completing the period of 5 years by 2018. He had secured the victory for the 3rd time in 2013. Now, it’s time re-evaluate the whole deeds of the current government and to see what going to happen in MP election. We all are waiting for the next election there especially the voters of Madhya Pradesh. But something happened there with the Election Commission MP Voter List.

What Is EC (Election Commission) And How It Works

Election Commission is a body which is provided for the charge of the implementation of election procedure. This has some rules and regulations in reference to the votes in India. Election Commission has a sharp eye on voter list for the transparency and sake of the better election.

EC Removes The Fake Voters From MP Voter List?

To check the authenticity of the voter is one of the most crucial parts of the duties of EC. By the time Madhya Pradesh election is expected by this year, Election Commission has started the evaluation of MP Voter List of the state.

As per the sources, around 24 lakh names have been removed from MP Voter List by this year. Vidhan Sabha election in MP has been set a milestone for the further upcoming elections in India. According to some reports, around 14 lakh voter names are removed by the last two months only. The voters were fake as per the repetition of names, duplicate pictures etc.


Some of those fake voters were found to have multiple voter cards with same name and photograph, but they have assigned to the different booths. This creates the redundancy of the votes. So EC decided to remove them too.

Even the Congress party of MP has started accusing BJP as ‘electoral misconduct’ and shared a long list again which are full of the deceit names. Let’s see for the next steps of EC.

Card Rectifications For MP Elections

If you are getting any doubt regarding your voter ID card. For instance, if you are having such drawbacks for being a genuine voter so you are allowed to rectify the details by requesting for the changes. There are two ways to apply for the changes: OFFLINE or ONLINE.

  • You can visit the camps which are organized by EC to ensure the correct changes in voter ID card. Fill a form with the required documents to submit for the confirmation.
  • You can also go for voter ID card correction online. Here you need to visit the official website, search your voter ID by name or state Madhya Pradesh and submit the request for rectification with the necessary details.

 Undoubtedly, this Assembly election in M.P. is going to be very interesting as the fake voters are eliminated and the real ones will vote with freedom. Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha election date is still awaited, but this act by Election Commission is already creating a good hype for MP election. This will definitely work positively as we all are obliged to EC.

    Updated: September 28, 2018 — 7:53 am

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