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Narela Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Of Madhya Pradesh Made The Highest Record.

The Narela is a constituency of Bhopal district in MP.  Narela Vidhan Sabha made nomination record this time. Narela Vidhan Sabha election 2018  got a total of 39 candidates applicants for this time.

It is considered that Satna Vidhan Sabha will also remain the same number of candidates.

Rewa district has scored the first position for nominations. Rewa has a total 214 filled nominations.

Even Satna’s district 172 candidates nominated yet. However, the third position goes to Bhopal district with 169 nominations.

Still, 4,238 nomination forms have been submitted for candidature slip. The most nominations region is Rewa in the entire MP.

The big number of 107 nominations filled on the last day in Rewa region. Satna got the second rank of having candidates. On 3rd but not last region is Bhopal.

Narela Vidhan Sabha election 2018 got the first position – Chattarpur and Jabalpur not out listed.

Chattarpur Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 and Jabalpur Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 also counted in under top five districts. Both districts have more than 150 candidates. In constituency record, Narela Vidhan Sabha election 2018 got the first position.


39 candidates filled nomination in MP Vidhan Sabha election 2018 from Narela. Satna has also 39 candidates yet. Rewa and Sehawal have 38 candidates in each constituency. Hujoor Vidhan Sabha is also the constituency of Bhopal.

According to constituency wise Hujoor is in top five in the nomination list. 35 candidates of Hujoor have nominated.

MP (Madhya Pradesh) Vidhan Sabha (Assembly) Election Live Result 2018

Umaria, Alirajpur, Dindori, Harda and Burhanpur Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 – Five districts got fewer nominations

Five districts have fewer nominations. Umaria district and Alirajpur district each got mere 21 nominations forms. Dindori districts got 24 nominations forms.

Harda district got 26 nominations forms. Burhanpur has a total of 27 candidates for this election.

Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha election 2018 – Three seats free from Independent Candidates.

Beena, Mandla, and Aalot are three constituencies free from Independent candidates. These three constituencies have no Independent candidate for the MP Vidhan Sabha election 2018.

However, Beena and Madla each have seven nominations.10 nominations forms submitted through Aalot Vidhan Sabha candidates.

Updated: November 29, 2018 — 2:22 am

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