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Pakistan Election 2018 Political Focus Issues, Problems

The world eagerly waits for the rests of Pakistan election 2018. During the elections, each Party came up with a focus of agendas which they would undertake if their stand victorious.

These promises are like temptations to lure innocent citizens to exercise their franchise in their favor and make the taste the fruit of victory.

The members of the ruling elite have, time and gain, focused on their own political issues and problems. They have conveniently dismissed the problems faced by the poor peasant class, For example, no attention has been paid on the issue of land reforms through the previous tenure. Thus, still Pakistan is predominated by a feudal political structure.

Pakistan Election 2018 – Military Dictarorship Vs Democracy

According to South Asian Voices, the fundamental issue in Pakistan is the prevalence of Military Dictatorship as opposed to free Democracy. Additionally, the political system of the country is more focused upon as well as governed by the ruling elite leaving no room for the poor and deprived citizens of the country.

Moreover, the Civil Society comprising of bureaucrats and other senior officials failed in transforming the discrepancies in the present political system.

The working class, on the other hand, lacks strength and courage to initiate a social revolution that would change the social, political and economic scenario of the country.

Pakistan Elections 2018 envision a new ray of hope for the future. They visualize a social, economic anal a political change in the country where the citizens (especially the middle and the lower classes) would enjoy the maximum benefits.

None the less, even after heavy hegemony by the ruling elite and corrupt political parties, Pakistan has still been able to indulge in capital development of both physical and human infrastructure.

The nation witnesses ever growing solidarity among its fellow citizens and huge investments have been made defense production industry including manufacturing of tanks, missiles and other advanced equipment’s for national and international protection.

But still, the country needs to maintain good relations with its neighbors and global emerging powers. This would further ensure its economic stability and would flourish its treasures in the long run.

If the contesting parties are able to learn from their past mistakes and implement worthy policies for nation building and future development, Pakistan would soon grow into the most popular developing nation across the world.

Hopefully, Pakistan General Election 2018 prove beneficial for both the contesting candidates and the population of the country.

    Updated: July 7, 2018 — 8:06 am

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