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Pakistan Pre Election Poll Result 2018 Predictions

Pakistan Election 2018 conducted on 25 July witnessed a mixed polling opinion when asked “who could win the elections”. Both National and Provincial citizens are perplexed over the election issue.

The whole World (especially India and the other democracies) eagerly waits for the declaration of Pakistan election results. It is waiting to envision how capable is Pakistan to judge and decide a leader for their nation.

Pakistan general elections 2018 is represented by the Pakistan national assembly comprising of 342 constituencies. The reservation of area wise seats is mentioned below:

Area                                                    Number of Seats

Punjab                                                           33

Sindh                                                             14

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa                                    9

Baluchistan                                                    4

The remaining 60 seats are reserved for women. In this sense, out of every 4.5 seat, one seat would be bagged by a woman.

Previous General Election Result 2018

In the last Pakistan general elections held in 2013, Pakistan muslim league (Nawaz) emerged as the party winning the maximum number of seats. It won 166 over a total of 342 seats. This glorious victory led to an addition of 19 independent candidates to the party.

Pakistan General Election 2018 Predictions Opinion Polls

Although rife with treachery and corruption, the country feverishly awaits for the results. As per some major Pakistani political analysts, no party would gain a majority and therefore, only a coalition government could save the country.

However, the Economist predicts a victory of Pakistan muslim league-nawaz even after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif. Sharif was disqualified from the position of Prime Minister after the charges of forgery and corruption were proven true.

Pakistan Pre Election support a Imran Khan Party

Pakistan pre election limelight is also on the former celebrity cricketer turned politician Imran Khan. However, the pre – polling reports show a mixed review of his victory in the elections.


His Tareek-e-Insaf has always been critical against Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). He criticized the opposition party and Nawaz Sharif as criminals and looked down upon their popular voting. He even labeled Sharif as a “mafia”.

With a total of 30% fans across the country, Imran khan’s following might lead to un –predictable results in the upcoming Pakistan elections. A total 3,000 citizens were surveyed out of which Khan Party has received the maximum percentage of popularity.

For some, the reason for this ever growing admiration is the criminal charges against his opponent Nawaz Sharif.

As per the voting trends this year, the Parties winning the popular votes are as follows:

Name of the Party                                                  Percentage of popular choice votes ( %)

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)      PML-N                                    31

Pakistan Peoples Party–  PPP                                                           14

Pakistan Tehreef-e-Insaf–  PTI                                                           24

Muttahida Quami MovementMQM                                                   2

Muttadda Majlis-e- Amal                                                                      1

Others                                                                                                 28

On asked upon “Who could become the next Prime Minister”, most of the political critics are unsure. According to some, Pakistan muslim league (nawaz) PML-N is still popular while for others Bhutto legacy has a bright chance of victory this term.

Sindh popular votes are in favor of Bhutto candidates Bilawal and Asif Ali Zardari. Pakistan People’s Party won the 2008 elections after the assassination of the party leader Benazir Bhutto.

Pakistan Tehr-e-Iinsaf was at the peak during the last general elections. However, this time it is difficult to predict their victory. According to some, this party lost the popular support due to their wild indulgence in agitation and evil politics.

Still, even after Nawaz’s Sharif’s criminal record, his party was still able to facilitate development in the nation. It aided in building roads and other infrastructure thus winning vote and support from its dear citizens.

Altogether, it is really uncertain as to where the tables will turn. Still, let us hope for the best and may the best candidate taste the glory of victory.

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