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MP Lahar Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) Election Results 2018

Short Analysis of Lahar and Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2018  

Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha and Lahar are two assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh. Both constituencies are dwelling in the Lok Sabha Constituencies Guna and Rajgarh.  These seats are considered as the registered seat for Congress Party INC.

Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election – Fort of INC Congress

Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election always conquers by Digvijay Singh and his Family, while Lahar election wins by Dr. Govind Singh of Congres. Nowadays, the Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election representative is Jasvardhan Singh, son of Digvijay Singh.

Digvijay Singh very first time elect as M.L.A. from Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election 1997. After that election, Congress never lose this seat once. The people of Raghogarh use to call Raja Saheb for Digvijay Singh. And people call Chote Saheb to his brother Laxman Singh. In 2008,  his son Jaswardhan Singh being people choice for representation of constituency.


Lahar Vidhan Sabha Election: Dr. Govind Fight From INC

The fort of Congress, Lahar Vidhan Sabha has under the vigilance of Dr. Govind. In 1990, Dr. Govind very first being a member of Madhya Pradesh from Janta Dal Party. Later, he joined INC. Then, he didn’t break his continuation of winning this seat. This time too, the same contender will fight against opponents of Congress.

Still, BJP Hopes To Win Both Constituencies Once

Since 1980, BJP got self-existence as a Political party, but couldn’t win these seats once. BJP has been seeing failure on these constituencies from decades. However, in 1990 BJP secured total 220 MP Assembly Seats. And made Government, but the tenure resolved before accomplishment, due to some reason in 1993.

Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election Defeat

In Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2003, Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan wished to win Raghogarh seat. But couldn’t get a victory that time too. In Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2013, Jasvardhan Singh got a victory from his runner-up. The runner-up was Radhe Shyam Dhakkad, defeats with the difference 58,204 votes. That was quite a nice MP Vidhan Sabha Election Result for a candidate.

Lahar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Defeat

Mathur Prasad has to see failure thrice in the seat 1990,1993,1998. After these defeat from INC BJP have changed many candidates to win. But the election result is failures yet.

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