Raipur North Vidhan Sabha Election Live Result 2018

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Report On Raipur South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Political parties have come in the role to know the result of Raipur South Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 in Madhya Pradesh state. Raipur has two main contenders. Brij Mohan Agarwal from BJP. Kanhiya Agarwal from INC party. Both contenders are going door to door for voter supports. Where Brij says; Development is our identity, Congress’s candidate says; First announcement incomplete.

Brij Mohan says: Raipur South has been developing from 15 years. And people know him well. His area gets many big projects in the past few years. Everything that should do, we are doing as people choice.

Agenda: Brij is focusing to expose the developments of his area in his tenure.

Strategy: Seating and meeting with every kind of party member and voter too.

Belief to win: As he is M.L.A. from 28 years and has won 3 turns in the same constituency.

Raipur South Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2018

Kanhiya Agarwal says: Kanhiya is blaming that the previous announcement still not completed. Bribery took place in the name of road widening.  Half road widening has been left for 10 years.

Agenda: Dirty roads, electricity, water, taxes, pollution, corruption are the main motive of this contender.

Strategy: Meeting with each and every voter. And using several ways to express their views with regional songs or folk songs.


Belief to win: Kanhiya Agarwal say to win as he presumes voter want changes.

Report on Raipur North Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Viewers may see interesting competition between Bhartiya Janta Party and Indian Congress contenders. Each and every contender are claiming to win with good votes. But this time caste equation will also be a factor in the Raipur North Vidhan Sabha Election. Congress making its strength with Ex. M.L.A.  Kuldeep Juneja, while BJP is reattempting through its present M.L.A. Shri Chand Sundarani. Sundarani said: he has done work of 600 cores. And Juneja claiming he didn’t work in lower settlements.

Raipur North Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2018

Sundarani says: He is saying that he used more than 600 crores in past 5 years in development.  He worked for development without any discrimination. We delivered every scheme without discrimination in caste and religion.

Agenda: BJP’s manifesto claim to deliver schemes in lower settlements.  And focus on education, health, security and women empowerment too.

Strategy: Sundarani reaches 6 a.m. to his office and visiting three wards each day to meet voter.

Belief to win: He has been involved in public happiness for 5 years. He has also conversations with 85% people of his constituency.

Kuldeep says: Development didn’t touch the minority class, who are actually in need. And Congress claim good news for minority people in the manifesto.

Agenda: Allowance to 10 lacs unemployed person. Free education for the girl from nursery to Post Graduate.

Strategy: He also uses to awake early in the morning. And doing whole day rallies and other types of promotions too.

Belief to win: He claims that voter will switch to the good personality.

Updated: December 5, 2018 — 9:38 am

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