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Rajasthan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election Result Counting Schedule 2018

Little background details of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Current CM Vasundhara Raje is completing her tenure of 5 years in December 2018 – January 2019. As in 2013, the Assembly Elections took place in 1st of December 2013. There was a very great victory for BJP.

The party won over total 163 seats. Therefore, as per the result, BJP made its government. Vasundhara Raje nominated herself for Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election for Jhalrapatan seat.

Raje also defeated Congress with a great margin of 60,896 votes. She was the Chief Minister candidate from BJP, thus she took the oath for CM of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Overview

Rajasthan has a decent impact on the whole world. This unique and jewel-like the state of India is famous across the Globe. Despite ages, the pride and shine of the Rajasthani community are still reflecting as for what it is known for.

Rajasthan is the largest state of India (as per the area), has a total of 33 districts. The number of assembly seats available in the state is 200, for which the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 is going to take place in the state.

Where 143 seats are for general category, 33 seat for schedule caste and 24 seats for scheduled tribe cast.

The state Assembly has a certain percentile of seats reserved for women as well. In Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018, the Assembly will again witness a state of competition. Though Rajasthan Assembly consists of 3 Sessions; Budget Session, Winter Session, and Monsoon session.

History of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha

The First Rajasthan Assembly was presented on 31 March 1952. It had a various strength of 160 people. The number was extended to 190 after the merger of the past Ajmer State with Rajasthan in 1956.

The Second and Third Assemblies had various 176 seats. The Fourth and Fifth Assembly contained 184 people each. The number wound up 200 from the Sixth Assembly onwards.

The Fourteenth Assembly was begun on 21 January 2013. Umed Singh of Barmer was the youngest individual from Rajasthan Assembly, as in 1962 race Result was declared on 19 February 1962 and he was browsed Barmer, that time he was just 25 years and 4 months old.

Today, Rajasthan includes 33 districts. Heera Lal Shastri of the Indian National Congress was the first elected Chief Minister of Rajasthan.  Gurmukh Nihal Singh was the first Governor of Rajasthan assembly.

Thinkable Deliberations For Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018rajasthan vidhan sabha election 2018

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election is very special for BJP. Congress party is putting lots of effort to cover the good seats in Rajasthan state.

This is already making the BJPs anxious. Since 1993, the Rajasthan civilians are alternating their CM party in between BJP and Congress.

This really a very strange for Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018, for that the nation is looking forward to the next Government of the state.

This is similar for the two same candidates too. Since 1998, every 5 years tenure juggles between, Vasundhara Raje and Ashok Gehlot. Gehlot was the candidate who won with the highest margin of the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election in 2013.

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Schedule  

Election commission announced dates for Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018 on 06/10/2018. There are 51,796 polling stations to facilitate the smooth conduct of elections which is 14.25% greater than the number of polling stations back in 2013-14.

Modal code of conduct is effective in Rajasthan w.e.f  06/10/2018. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Mr. O.P. Rawat announced that the Counting of votes and results in Rajasthan will be held on December 11, 2018, in a press conference.

The schedule is given below:

Poll EventsDate
Gazette Notification Date12.11.2018
Nominations End Date19.11.2018
Scrutiny of Nominations20.11.2018
End date for Withdrawal of candidatures22.11.2018
Poll Date07.12.2018
Counting  and Result Date11.12.2018

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Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha (Assembly) Election 2018 Results and Counting

List of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Constituencies :

The list of Vidhan Sabha constituencies are given below, where Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018 will be conducted:

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

List of 200 Assembly Constituencies

RaisinghnagarDanta – RamgarhDigodJaitaran
NokhaJaipur RuralRamganjmandiSumerpur
SujangarhJohribazarManohar ThanaSirohi
RatangarhKishanpoleJhalrapatanPindwara Abu
SardarshaharBani ParkPirawaReodar
BandikuiBayanaBadi SadriPachpadra
Jamwa RamgarhBariDanpurChohtan
BehrorSawai MadhopurSagwaraJodhpur
AlwarToda BhimVallabhnagarBhopalgarh
KamanMalpuraUdaipur RuralLadnu
DeegAjmer EastSaradaNawan
KumherAjmer WestKherwaraMakrana

Major Political Parties and its Manifesto for Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Every election, each and every political party competing in elections have to give their manifesto. This manifesto is organized for an official announcement of promises by political parties to their potential voters.

Generally, the major manifesto is filled up with fake promises and false oaths. Fortunately, this year election commission of India will be keeping a Check upon manifestos. There will be no penalty, but a report will be there.

Like the rest of the nation, Rajasthan’s major pollical parties upon which the battle is the most reigning in Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 are

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

Indian National Congress (INC)

National Peoples Party (NPP)

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)

National Unionist Zamindara Party

Major Issues And Congress Manifesto For Rajasthan Assembly Election 2018

The Indian National Congress (INC) has said that the party needs to understand the opinions of the citizens and reflect that in the manifesto.

The executive of the Congress Manifesto Committee, P Chidambaram, reported Sunday that the party will launch its manifesto website on Monday, where it needs the everyday citizens to give their feeling.

Chidambaram heads the board which is working out for 2019 surveys, by using which the Congress is looking to crush the BJP and remove Modi.

The biggest issue for Congress is looking as BSP and AAP is also in the race and as shown in the survey, there are chances that some handful of seats from Congress side will be taken by these parties.

BJP Manifesto and Major Issues for Rajasthan Election 2018

A long-stretched meeting of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for manifesto 2018, was held at BJP’s Divisional Office on Thursday.

After the meeting, BJP Manifesto Committee Chairman Brijmohan Agrawal said that declaration would have the reflection of the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP National President Amit Shah, and previous Prime Minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

He included that the manifesto deals with all areas of society like ladies, men, youth, Scheduled Caste and etc. So, the manifesto must comply with the expectation of the citizens in coordination with the leader’s vision and party’s goals.

Though the challenges and issues for BJP are not less. In 2013 Elections, Vasundhara Raje influenced the youth by promising of Government jobs and also private jobs and deliberately won the election.

But the reality was different. Vasundhara Raje didn’t provide much attention to the problems and for which a total of 250 young people had taken out symbolic death as a mark of a unique protest in Jaipur which was clearly against her.

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2013 and Outcome

In 2013 Rajasthan assembly elections, The Troop led by Vasundhara Raje, eliminated the Congress to gain the power in Rajasthan. The Congress government at that time was facing a serious protest due to several factors like corruption, Bad services, etc.

In the 2013 elections, Vasundhara Raje focused upon the youth and promised them better jobs, better living, and other amenities. By doing this she was able to get hundred and 63 seats out of total 200 assembly seats to gain aggregate power in Rajasthan.

The Congress in 2013 was able to only able to get a handful of 21 seats and other political parties were standing upon only 16 seats.

Karanpur Seat Result – In 2013, BJP swiped the Congress in Karanpur which was once ruled by them. The total number of voters in this area is 2,17,170. Out of which, the number of male voters is 1,14,187 whereas the number of female voters is 1,02,983.

In 2013, BJP’s Surender Kumar Singh won the victory by defeating Congress’s Gurmeet Singh Kunnar. Tell me, there was a time when Karanpur was known as the region to provide the best cotton wool but After 1955, the work of cotton wool was very impressive and people started doing other things.

Udaipurwati Seat Result 2013 – In the Vidhan Sabha area of Rajasthan, Udaipurwati, in the year 2008, where BSP MLA Rajendra Singh won in 2008. Defeating them in 2013, BJP MLA Subhash Chaudhary won the seat.

While BSP MLA Rajendra Singh won in 2008 with a total of 28,478 votes. In 2013, BJP MLA Subhash Chaudhary won a total of 57,960 votes. Significantly, the total number of voters in this area is 2,16,514. Out of which, the number of male voters is 1,15,350 and the number of women voters is 1,01,164.

In 2013, BSP ML Purnamal Saini won Khetri Seat with 42,432 votes in this constituency. Significantly, the total number of voters in this area is 1,93,484. Out of which, the number of male voters is 1,03,349 and the number of women voters are 90,135.

Opinion Poll- Prediction Of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018

Too many polls are also showing their predictions for Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018. As per the Rajasthan civilians, there are no such state developments in current government by current CM Vasundhara Raje. Therefore, they are disappointed with her.

While, the former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had the image of Jan Nayak, with his best deeds and performances in his tenure. The Latest poll is saying the Congress will win with a huge difference.

Polls saying BJP will reach around only 56 seats while Congress will win around 142 seats. The final result for Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018 may vary from the poll results. The reason behind on this the prime factor may be “Modi lahar”.

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election Exit Poll Result 2018: Times Now, ABP News, Spick Media

rajasthan vidhan sabha election 2018 result

The reason BJP is losing in Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018 is basically one: Vasundhara Raje. Her record of poor administration joined with bad and unparalleled self-importance in the cutting-edge time shows that it is highly unlikely even Modi can defeat the bad image that has developed against her.

The wave is against BJP in Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018 this time. The Local survey shows that out of 200 seats Congress may get huge 141 seats when compared with BJP with 38 seats while others have to settle on 21 seats.

While concurring NDTV survey 2018 Congress may catch 129 seats, BJP may get 63 seats and others 08 seats. ABP predicts that Congress may get 142, BJP 56 seats and others 02 seats. RNews Nation feeling survey 2018, Congress may win with 115 seats, BJP may get 73 seats and others may take away 12 seats

Let’s see what surprises Rajasthan has in its bale. The packet will open the secret of what party will indulge itself through the victory in Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018.

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