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Rajasthan Election Opinion Exit Poll Latest Survey 2018

Updates of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018 Latest Survey and Pre Exit Poll Results. 

The Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election conducts since 1990. Since 1990, Rajasthan started seeing a change in the state, each and every five years of government. These five years will accomplish on Jan 20’ 2018. Since the election will be conducted for 200 assembly constituencies in December 2018. This election will be interesting and will work as semi-final election result. As it will conduct before the upcoming Lok Sabha election 2019.

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018 will compete through two major political parties. The Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party and other parties will solely consenting opponent.

Will The Modi’s Factor Sweep Election And Get The Victory – Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018.

The fact gotten through reports and opinion of Citizen and voter made clear Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election opinion poll 2018. These years Rajasthan is governing by Vashundra Raje Scindia from the ruling party BJP.  So, here we go through the opinion of Rajasthan’s people. Opinion’s reports showing bad news for BJP for the upcoming election of Rajasthan assembly election 2018

Afterward, Congress party BJP won and still ruling. Rajasthan election far differs from the other state assembly elections. There’s such a comical trend, that the two major parties win elections alternatively. Many scholars too expect the same result. Well, it can be true this time too.


Will The Given Below Factor Erase Or Raise The Footstep Of Modi’s Victory?

Because some factors can affect Modi’s wave in the upcoming Rajasthan assembly elections 2018.

  • The first can draw as anti-Incumbency. The anti-incumbency will be the factor for of losing assembly constituencies in the election 2018.
  • The Second factor of losing seats will be unpopularity of the current C.M. Vasundhara Raje Scindia among the voters.
  • The third factor of BJP’s losing seat will take a look of people’s revenge. The slogan showing the anger of Rajasthan’s people. Slogan, “Modi tujse bair nahi, Vasundhra teri khair nahi”. The means of the slogan is “We do n’t hate you Modi, but we will give a lesson to Vashundra”.
  • Currently, Congress party has been won 16 seats out of 25 seats in the Rajasthan election.

These factors and the survey said that Congress would gain the number of seats and will govern for next 5 years in the Rajasthan. It has evaluated that Congress will sweep the election and will flag their leadership for 5 years or more. Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election opinion poll 2018 shows 130  seats in the bag of Congress. However, merely 57 seats will be win by the ruling party BJP out of 200 seats. The remain three seats will win by the contesting opponent.

Well, it is a point to cover here, that Rajasthan election is semi-final of Lok Sabha election 2019.

Opinion poll covered the report, that the survey respondents showed alternate preference amid the Central and State government. Rajasthan’s voter like Modi for the Central governance and will vote too but won’t support in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election Will Win Through Right Selection Of CM Candidate.

The opinion poll has exposed and expressed the view of Rajasthan’s people. Now, it’s time to wait for the contestant’s face. Which face will come from the Congress as CM amid Ashok Gehlot or Sachin Pilot, confront of Vashundra Raje Scindia?

So, stay tuned with us for the surprising and comical election of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election opinion poll 2018, do prelude visit Rajasthan election 2018 live updates.

    Updated: September 27, 2018 — 8:51 am

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