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UP Lok Sabha Election 2019 Survey, Predict

Policies may not depart Modi from Prime Minister’s seats, however BJP loose seats. Solely, a year left in Lok Sabha election. With counting of days, 4 years have passed with many promises of Prime Minister Modi. People kept faith on the Modi wave and gorgeously supported him and his entire party. And chosen BJP for 5 years governance, but after a year they will re-take decision to whom make next Prime Minister from Lok Sabha election 2019.

It’s a crispy topic, who will be chosen as our Next Prime minister Mr. Modi from BJP or Rahul Gandhi from Congress. What will people decide in Lok Sabha election 2019? Let’s have a glance on UP Lok Sabha election survey.  And check out who will govern after this election 2019. Will Modi remain Prime Minister or Rahul will dent him or depart him from Prime Minister’s seat.

Currently, the conducted survey shows bad performance compare to the previous survey which happened in 2014. Well, the report of UP Election Survey.

BJP has projected to win on 227 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election 2019. BJP projected 49 seats, although it had bagged 71 seats in previous Lok Sabha election 2014 when Congress got mere 3 seats.


Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Survey 2019

Well, UP wale thinking of changing the sentiment of the BJP party this time. It has evaluated while decoding people pulse ahead of an election. Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha election 2019 survey shows loss of the current governance. In the survey, we found that the BJP will see a dip of 22 seats in Uttar Pradesh.

Current Government can again lead by its policy, Govt. raise overall spending before general election 2019, they also often spend on subsidies and transfers. They introduce new schemes and policies to get supports again in the Lok Sabha election 2019. While survey, people answered as a supportive voice of Modi, U.P’s people gave 3.5 out of stars and feel the performance of government is better than previous, however, some are against of the statement.

It can lead through its several policies such as made in India, GST policy, Note Demonization policy, Swach Bharat Abhiyan policy will help it out in the upcoming Lok Sabha election 2019. These policies have left an impact on Indian citizen and voters, which will prove as significant arrow to target the winning aim in the general election 2019.

    Updated: September 20, 2018 — 10:48 am

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