Chattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Latest Report

Upcoming Chattisgarh Vidhan Sabha election 2018  is all set to witness fresh elections in December this year. The total number of assembly seats in Chattisgarh is 90. The tenure of the previous government ends on 5th January 2019.

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) is witnessed doing extensive campaigning in Chattisgarh. Raman Sign is the current chief minister of the state. T.S Singhdev is the major opposition leader. In 2017, Raman Singh completed 14 years as chief minister.

Till date, he is BJP’s longest-serving chief minister in the country. However, this election is not going to be easy for Singh as the opposition popularity is very strong. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has already started his political campaign and has hired devoted volunteers to help him out in the elections.

Upcoming Chattisgarh Vidhan Sabha election 2018 Prediction

The Chattisgarh Vidhan Sabha  election poll of 2012 is mentioned below:

Name of the party                                           Percentage of votes (%)

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)                            42.3

Indian National Congress (INC)                      41.6

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)                            4.4


IND                                                                   5.5

NOTA                                                               3.1

One can observe, the percentage difference between the votes of BJP and Congress is very less. Thus, both the parties have to work very hard to win the popular voting.

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Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Report

BJP leader Amit Shah has predicted of winning 65 out of 90 seats in upcoming Chattisgarh Vidhan Sabha election 2018. As per his intuition, Narendra Modi’s work for the upliftment of the farming/agriculture sector in the state can attract voting in Chattisgarh state.

Apart from the above-mentioned parties, Ajit Jogi’s (a former Congress leader) Janta Congress Chattisgarh (JCC) is a threat to BJP.  As per sources, JCC might emerge as a big party in the upcoming Chattisgarh Vidhan Sabha election 2018. It might influence the politics of the state. In addition to This, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has also declared its candidate list and hopes for a bright start in these elections.

According to the latest information, Ajit Jogi plans to contest from the same seat where the present chief minister Raman Singh will contest the election. In this way, he wishes to contest a direct one-to-one election and check out his popularity in comparison to Singh.

Updated: September 29, 2018 — 8:07 am

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