What is Voter Awareness Forums (VAFs)| Voting Awareness in India

What ‘Voter Awareness Forums’ is :

Voter Awareness Forums is an initiative in the attempt to expand the electoral literacy.  This is to persuade adult populations in government and non-government offices, private institutions and organizations. This is a special category of Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELCs) known as Voter Awareness Forums (VAFs).

They generate the discussions to the many Government and Non-Government offices. The discussions are the summation of each and every electoral activity. It includes, how to register, where to register, what are the further processes etc.

Electoral Literacy Clubs- Voter Awareness Forums

This is a platform for school students. This is to teach students through fun activities. It includes activities, questions etc. Through ELCs, election commission aims to strengthen the culture of election participation of students.

The members are students of school (IX-XII, age 14-17 years), colleges (18-21 years) and rural communities as Chunav Pathshala. If any schools and colleges want to enroll itself for ELC, it can either contact the District Election Officer (DEO) or Electoral Registration Officer (ERO).

The reason behind the establishment of Voter Awareness Forums

The purpose to start this kind of initiative is to boost the youngsters and civilians to cast their vote. It spread the awareness about the election commission and requirements.

Awareness of voting in India

Many nationwide campaigns are the sources for spreading the awareness for Voting in India. The awareness for election is necessary for new voters and as well as old ones too. As there is the scarcity of full detailed information related to the voting and election in India. Many civilians don’t even know the value of their votes and their own choice.


The main objective of VAF (Voter Awareness Forums) is to sensitize the voters. It shows them about the importance of participation in the electoral process. It ensures a responsive, accountable and democratically elected government. Awareness of voting is necessary, to encourage the voters to reach to the polling booths. It motivates citizens to cast their vote as per their choice only. Any civilians can make his / her choice in accordance to choose the government for the benefits of the nation. But it needs some proper guidance for them so that they don’t get confused about anything.

Who will be the members of VAF ( Voter Awareness Forums)

As per the guidelines, VAFs ( Voter Awareness Forums )are voluntary in nature. It focuses in not only Government and Non-Government offices, but also incorporate cultures. It is open for every employee of that, particularly concerned office.

Voter Awareness Forums: The key components

  • Voter Information and awareness:

This includes about the voter information. This guides the civilians about where to register, how to register etc. and overall awareness about the voter. It further includes the details about their rights according to their choice.

  • Electoral Education

This component of awareness forum is to persuade the voters with the information related to electoral procedures. The rights, choice and many are the virtual parts of this. One of the major parts is the proper knowledge of the hierarchy of election. That includes Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha details etc.

  • Civic Education

Here, the larger concept involves education on the structure of government. It includes the rights, and duties of being a citizen, constitution, judiciary etc.  It should be carried out through the schools and university system and using civil society organizations.

Voter Awareness Forums are the initiatives that guide through a series of meetings and workshops prior to the elections.  Voter Awareness Forums based Organizations / NGOs were made to aware each and every campaign related to elections. They played an important role in generating the awareness among the general public.

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