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How Many Days Will It Take To Get A Voter ID Correction

Know individually, how long should you wait for your VOTER ID CARD, (either new or after correction request)?

The Election, the most influential process, defines the meaning of a democracy of the nation. India is a democratic nation; we have the authority to choose our leader. Therefore, we must use our rights. To claim for your right or possession, you must have some license. Agreed? The license is your Voter ID card. If you have crossed the age of 18 years, so being an Indian you should have an election ID card so that you can participate in the next elections actively.

How To Apply for New Voter ID Card

You can apply for your election ID card in two ways – Online or Offline. For online apply, you will visit Nation Voters’ Service Portal and fill all the required details with ‘form 6’ (with proper proofs and all). For offline apply, you need to visit the Electoral Registration officer and apply for the new voter ID card.

How Much Time Wait For Your New Voter ID Card

This strongly varies on a city or location basis. As if you are living in established cities, you can get the election card in 15-20 days (or 3 to 4 weeks). Otherwise, it may increase up to 30 days.


Need To Understand The Approval Time-Period

No matter, whether you are applying online or offline, the process takes time. The procedure says, the Booth Level Officer of that area (what area/address you have filled in form 6, while applying). The officer will verify the following details –

  • Verify your photo personally.
  • Verify your signature on the form.
  • Whether the address on Form 6 is correct with proof.
  • Whether the age is 18 years or above, the proof is required.

Apart from this, after the submission of your application, the Electoral Registration Officer will display your form on the notice period to invite any kind of objection for around one week. If everything goes well then they issue the Election Card, otherwise, the objector’s case will run and so on.

Voter ID Correction Procedure

Now, come to the correction on Voter ID card. Similar to the application for election ID card; you should again visit the Nation Voters’ Service Portal i. e. https://www.nvsp.in/ Here, you will fill all the details with the ‘form 8’. If you are going for the offline procedure, you can contact the Electoral Registration Officer for the changes and fill the same form 8 offline.

Waiting Time For The Voter ID Correction

If we are requesting for Voter ID card correction, it generally takes 30-45 days (or 5 to 7 weeks) to receive the updated election card. But this period may vary in accordance with your living location or city etc.


    Updated: September 29, 2018 — 6:20 am

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