Can I Cast Vote Without Voter ID | Who Will Cast Their Vote

Who will cast their vote in the upcoming elections and Voter Id Requirement?

Indian constitution gives rights of voting to each and every citizen without discrimination. It gives right to cast their vote, however, he/she is NRI (Non-Resident Indian). Indian electoral system conduct through the seven-step process in which and voting is a crucial aspect of the process. It is mandatory to acquire knowledge about the requirement for casting vote. This awesome and interesting article penned, for the vote and the casting relatively queries.

The only requirement for being a voter, the person should reach the age of 18. He should have registered his self as a voter as the law. With having voter name in the list, he/she can vote the following elections: National, state, the district as well as local government body elections.

Can I Cast Vote Without Voter Id?

It is possible to cast your vote without voter ID. Yeah, you can cast your vote in the upcoming elections without carrying your voter ID. But you should have compulsory to register with the electoral system prior to casting vote. Each and every eligible voter should register themselves in the constituency where they live. On the basis of registration, authority issues Voter ID card which is also known by the name EPIC Cards. None can participate in the electoral process. In the case, they didn’t register their self and also cannot obtain voter ID card.

The best thing about our Country’s Constitution is, it does not detain or prevent from voting. However, the voter crossed the boundaries and fulfills the criteria for disqualification.


Have A Glance Which Disqualified A Person To Cast Vote.

  • If an individual cast his/her vote in more than one constituency, his/her vote will disqualify.
  • If a person condemned in affront under the Sec 171E (grafting crime). And the Sec 171F (which deals with personation or undue influence at an election). These sections of the Indian Penal Code will disqualify the voter to cast their vote. And to participate in the elections.
  • Those persons who condemned under Sec- 125 (various electoral offenses). And the person who condemned in Sec- 135 and Sec – 136 of the Representation of People’s Act face disqualification from elections.

List Of Required Identity For Casting Vote:

According to the press release by the Election Commission of India (ECI). You can use another option to cast vote in the case, you don’t have voter ID.

These are 10 in number which gives you access to cast your vote, the following are given below

  • BLO Slip: Authorised slip issued by BLO of this polling booth.
  • Passport: Passport which is identity card and use to pass the ports of countries.
  • Driving license: Driving license is also an identity card, issued for driving vehicles.
  • PAN card: Permanent Account Number issued from the Tax authority.
  • UIDAI or Aadhaar card: Unique Identification Authority of India is also valid id. To cast your vote in the elections.
  • Smart card: If you have Smart Card issued through Registrar General of India, you shouldn’t worry to cast your vote.
  • Service Identity Cards: Photographs Service identity card issued to employees. These cards issued through the organization such as Central, State Govt, Public Sector, Public Limited Companies.
  • Bank Passbooks: Bank Passbooks attested with Photograph issued by the Bank or Post Office.
  • Pension order with photo holder can also cast their vote with the same document.
  • MNREGA Job card: MNREGA Job card give you access to your vote.
  • Health Insurance Smart Card issued within the scheme of Labor’s Ministry.
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